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ARCI is made up of members engaged in significant freight car manufacturing in North American.  ARCI sponsors research and provides key economic data for the industry by tracking and reporting on railcar orders, deliveries, and backlogs in the railcar manufacturing market.  RSI members can receive this data and participate in quarterly economic forecasting webinars via a separate subscription rate ($5,000); which is half the subscription cost for non-members. 

Contact:  Sheena Prevette. –


Comprised of major tank car builders and owners, the CTC represents tank car manufacturers and lessors in federal, legislative, and regulatory matters, supports research to improve tank car safety through collaboration with the Association of American Railroads (AAR) via the RSI-AAR Tank Car Safety and Research Project; and regularly reviews tank car requirements through its membership on the Association of American Railroads Tank Car Committee.  CTC Members approve a yearly budget and contribute to those activities via quarterly payments. 

Contact:  Lee Verhey –


Made up of component suppliers, repair shops and consultants, Associate Members of the Committee on Tank Cars provide valuable input via a technical subcommittee that is used to influence federal policy and regulations related to tank cars.  Associate members receive updates on DOT, AAR, and legislative activities that impact their business and have opportunities to meet and network with tank car builders and lessors.  There is an additional fee ($2,500) to be an Associate Member of the Committee on Tank Cars.

Contact:  Lee Verhey –


GPAC Serves as the voice of the industry in Washington to advance legislative and regulatory priorities on Capitol Hill.  All RSI members are invited to join monthly calls and receive regular updates on relevant congressional and regulatory activities.

Contact:  Ashley Shelton –


Membership on the Standard Coupler Manufacturers Committee is restricted to those companies that produce standard Association of American Railroads (AAR) couplers.  The committee promotes AAR standard coupler technology worldwide and deals with technical matters affecting the use of that technology. The committee also works with the railroad industry to develop coupler standards that reflect the latest in technology and foundry practices.  There is an additional fee to participate in the Standard Coupler Committee. 

Contact:  Patty Long –


The Exhibitor Advisory Committee is made up of regular exhibitors for the RSI Technical Conference and Expo and Railway Interchange.  Open to all RSI members, the EAC engages with RSI staff to improve the ROI from RSI-sponsored  events and create a better attendee and exhibitor experience.

Contact:  Laura Werfelmann –


The Equipment Leasing Committee (ELC) is composed of representatives from freight car leasing companies.  The ELC monitors and engages on key regulatory and policy issues affecting the freight railcar leasing industry and advocates for greater representation of freight rail car owners within the American Association of Railroads. The ELC also collaborate with the shipper community on common interests.

Contact:  Sheena Prevette –


The QAC is comprised of quality leaders representing car owners, fleet managers, repair and reconditioning facilities, and car and component manufacturers.   The committee advocates for quality and continuous improvement in the performance, safety, and reliability of the rail supply industry’s products and services. The QAC proactively identifies industry issues, needs, and trends to provide guidance and service offerings that continually improve railway supplier products, processes, and services.

Contact:  Sheena Prevette –


The State Tax Committee is composed of representatives from freight rail car leasing companies.  The Committee proactively monitors and engages with state legislatures to provide input on issues that affect the taxation of freight car owners and lessors.

Contact:  Ashley Shelton –

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The direction of RSI’s policy goals are determined by the work and collaboration of its industry committees which support different disciplines and issues affecting the rail supply industry. Consisting of  member companies, RSI’s committees provide an opportunity for member involvement and support industry goals in the public and private sectors. They also provide networking and professional development opportunities within the industry.

Our industry committees and their major activities and accomplishments can be accessed below. On average, our committees meet quarterly either in person or via teleconference. Some committees are restricted to companies that manufacture certain products others are open to any member company.