Freight Car Statistics

Each financial quarter, the RSI American Railway Car Institute Committee (ARCI) prepares and distributes statistics on North American freight car orders, deliveries, and backlogs to its affiliate members. The RSI ARCI is the only organization that tabulates and publishes freight car statistics which are proprietary and only available to ARCI affiliate members.

These statistics include information on:

  •     Covered Hoppers (over 5500 c/f, 3500-5500 c/f, under 3500 c/f)
  •     Open Top Hoppers (steel, aluminum)
  •     Gondolas (GB steel, GT steel, GT aluminum)
  •     Flat Cars (non-intermodal, intermodal)
  •     Non Articulated / Articulated (5 unit platforms, other platforms)
  •     Tank Cars

Quarterly Summaries

ARCI Affiliate Membership

Though membership on the ARCI committee is restricted to North American freight car builders, any company can become an affiliate member and received quarterly freight car statistics and historical freight car data. Typical affiliate members are component suppliers for the freight car industry, leasing companies, and financial institutions.

The cost of being an ARCI Affiliate Member is $5,000 per calendar year plus the cost of membership with the Railway Supply Institute. Organizations that are not a component supplier or freight car leasing company can subscribe at a cost of $10,000/year. The cost of the ARCI is well worth the value as the RSI ARCI is the only organization that tabulates and publishes freight car statistics and works with the Class 1 railroads in the development of freight cars. The ARCI does not charge members to attend meetings or for meal functions, it is an all-inclusive amount.