Exhibitor Advisory Committee

The RSI Exhibitor Advisory Committee (EAC) is a volunteer committee compromising industry representatives drawn from active members and exhibitors of the Railway Supply Institute. RSI will strive for a diverse roster representing small companies, large companies, long term exhibitors, newer exhibitors, and exhibitors from different segments of RSI membership. Committee members will work with RSI staff on possible methods to increase the number and quality of attendees, improve marketing and outreach, and create a better experience for exhibitors.

The purpose of the Exhibitor Advisory Committee is to provide feedback, information and commentary to the RSI staff and board of directors to be weighed when implementing and reviewing policies, programs and initiatives. Feedback will also be evaluated and combined with a general exhibitor post show survey. Please note that the committee’s recommendations are highly valued but advisory in nature. 

Terms of Membership: The committee term is two years. There is no term limit, however, we do seek to give different companies a chance to participate by rotating companies periodically.  There will be a maximum of twelve committee members. This is a non-compensated role and no priority points are awarded to members. Committee members must be in good standing and exhibiting and/or attending at the trade show yearly. It is critical that members have attended both the large show (Railway Interchange) and the smaller, even year show (RSI/CMA).