About Us

The Railway Supply Institute (RSI) is the only all-inclusive trade association for railway suppliers. Representing over 200 companies, RSI acts on behalf of the smallest to the largest suppliers to North American freight and passenger railroads and their 150,000 employees. Industry segments include mechanical, communications & signaling, maintenance of way and passenger industries. 

The North American railroad system comprises more than 1.6 million railcars drawn by more than 38,000 locomotives over more than 140,000 miles of rail. Every piece of this intricate puzzle was shaped and put into place by railroad suppliers for their railroad partners. We depend on our railroads to move most of our freight most efficiently and our railroads depend on the railway supply industry. 

We work for you to provide benefits that will:

  • Support the improvement of your industry through committees and industry standards.
  • Connect you to your customers and partners through conferences, tradeshows, introductions, and industry events.
  • Advocate for you during the regulatory and legislative process.

Our Mission

The Railway Supply Institute mission is to support, connect and advocate for railway suppliers. RSI connects members to their customers and partners, supports the improvement of the industry, assists members in the global marketplace, and represents the industry during the regulatory and legislative process.