The Railway Supply Institute (RSI) is the largest and only trade association that represents the full supply chain for the railroad system.

Our members manufacture and lease freight railcars to some of the biggest industries in the world (chemical, oil and gas, agriculture, building material and automotive), touching virtually every sector of the global economy in the process.


Advocacy: Be part of the voice of the railway supply industry to advocate for policies that benefit all railway suppliers.

Connections: Build relationships with industry peers at our events or through our member directory, allowing you to grow your network and business opportunities.

Technical Expertise: Join industry leaders to gain technical expertise and help develop best practices, impact standards and more.


RSI’s technical committees bring together industry experts to collect data, address regulatory issues and collaborate on issues impacting various sectors of the rail supply industry. We encourage and support all members to join a committee and begin contributing their knowledge toward improving our industry.  Click below to learn about the RSI committees and how you can engage. 


RSI membership dues are based on an organization’s global rail sales revenue during the immediate preceding calendar year. For example, if your rail sales/service revenue in 2023 was $15 million, you belong to class II-A and should pay $6,500.00 in dues for 2024.

Class Gross Global Rail-related Sales in 2023 RSI Dues
II-C $0 to – $4.9 million $1,500
II-B $5 million to $10.9 million $3,000
II-A $11 million to $49.9 million $6,500
I-C $50 million to $99.9 million $15,000
I-B $100 million to $349.9 million $25,000
I-A $350 million + $40,000
B Associate Membership $1,500

*Important: A member company’s wholly owned divisions or subsidiaries may be included under the principal company’s membership providing that the individual wholly owned divisions or subsidiaries total gross rail sales/service revenue is considered when determining 2022 RSI dues. RSI dues are not prorated, unless otherwise stated, and last one calendar year.

*Add on quarterly freight car statistics compiled by the American Rail Car Institute Committee (ARCI) for $5,000. The RSI ARCI is the only organization that tabulates and publishes freight car statistics which are proprietary and only available to ARCI affiliate members. These statistics provide valuable insights into the latest economic trends in the rail industry. Visit our website for more information and to view the latest summary data.


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