U.S. Rail Supplier Mapping Project

The Railway Supply Institute (RSI) U.S. Rail Supplier Map, completed with data submitted by RSI members, highlights our 200+ member company headquarter locations and facilities within the United States. Currently, the analysis shows that RSI members represent more than 725 rail supply locations in 46 states and in 277 congressional districts.

This visual tool informs policymakers and other decision makers the importance of the railway supply industry specifically in terms of job creation and economic impact in states and local communities around the U.S. By showing members of Congress the economic impact of RSI members and how many of their constituents are a part of the industry, we are better able to explain why they should take an interest in the legislative issues that RSI members feel are most important.

Supplier Help Wanted

The RSI Rail Supplier Mapping Project is continuously updated so that any growth or changes in the industry are accurately displayed. The more supplier data we have, the more effective this map will be and the more effective our message will be on Capitol Hill. If you wish to add or update your company’s location information, please fill out and submit the supplier mapping form or contact Ashley Shelton, Senior Director of Government and Public Affairs at (202) 367-2406 or at ashelton@rsiweb.org.


If you have questions about the U.S. Rail Supplier Map, please contact us at info@rsiweb.org.