Quality Assurance Committee

QAC Chair: Jason Riggs, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Compliance, UTLX

The RSI Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) is an advocate for quality and continuous improvement in the performance and safety of the rail supply industry’s products and services. This group is composed of quality leaders from RSI member companies, and includes representatives from car owners, fleet managers, repair and reconditioning facilities, and car and component manufacturers.

The Quality Assurance Committee charter is to proactively identify industry issues, needs, and trends and provide guidance and service offerings to continually improve railway supplier products, processes, and services. This is accomplished by developing and publishing best practice industry compliance standards, documents, and guidelines, and educating the industry on quality issues and processes. In addition, the QAC acts as a liaison, resource, and educator to industry stakeholders.

Please contact Lee Verhey at verhey@rsiweb.org for more information about the Quality Assurance Committee.

Our Members

  • Donna Jacobi, Manager, Quality Systems, Amsted Rail
  • Gary Alderson, Manager, Quality Process, AlltransTek
  • Jason Riggs, Vice President, UTLX
  • Brain Blackwell, VP Quality, Wabtec
  • Brent Caldwell, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Freight Car America
  • D Erickson, Director of Quality Assurance and Sourcing, Miner
  • David Book, Director, Quality and Compliance, Arcosa
  • Dean Matzo, Vice President of Quality, TrinityRail
  • Doug Dent, Senior Quality Manager, GBRX
  • E Aceves, Quality Manager, Amsted – ASF Springs
  • Ed Weedmark, Manager, Quality Audits, Amsted Rail
  • Harry Brackenbury, Quality Manager, Amsted – Griffin Wheel
  • Jeff Cameron, Director of Quality Assurance, UTLX
  • Jennifer Novak, Director Quality Assurance and Worldwide Sourcing, Amsted Rail
  • Jim Dinnel, VP NDT & Special Processes, AlltransTek
  • Mark Michel, Director of Engineering & Quality Manager, Amsted Rail
  • Michael Lamb, QA & CI Manager, Voxxloh
  • Mike Fox, President, Strato
  • Mike Ruby, Sr Manager, Regulatory & Compliance, TrinityRail
  • Norman Smith, GBRX
  • Paul Omstead, Strato
  • Ray Morgan, GBRX
  • Rhonda Hamlin              
  • Robbie Brownell, Director of Business Development – Rail Transportation, Duos Technologies
  • Sara Hopper, Performance Assurance Engineer, Greenbrier Companies
  • Sheena Prevette, Corporate Quality Engineer, UTLX
  • Steve Geneva, Vice President of Quality, ARI
  • Tom Delafosse, Vice President Engineering and Technical Services, Salco
  • Tom Rhoads, ARI