‘Speaking to Every Corner of the Industry’: A Conversation With RSI Board Member Jeremy Erickson

In this video interview, we sit down with Jeremy Erickson, COO of Messiah Locomotive Service and RSI Board Member, to get some insight into his world. Jeremy shares how his company makes the most of tradeshow events, using them to build connections that drive their business forward.

He also talks about the benefits of bringing the passenger and freight sides of the industry together. Some solutions from the freight sector, he explains, can be adapted to benefit everyone. “It’s kind of like baseball and softball — they’re similar, yet they’re different,” he says, drawing an analogy.

Lastly, Jeremy reflects on his three years as a board member. He discusses how RSI has made great strides in advocacy, expanded board in diversity of thought, and really speaks “to every corner of the industry.” His stories show the promise of the path ahead.

About the Railway Supply Institute (RSI)
The Railway Supply Institute (RSI) is dedicated to advancing safety, innovation, technology, and sustainability within the freight and passenger railway supplier industry, both in North America and global markets. As the voice of the industry, RSI strategically engages in critical and urgent industry matters by leveraging the technical expertise of our members to advocate in the legislative and regulatory arenas, foster education, host impactful events, and facilitate networking opportunities. For more information visit www.rsiweb.org, follow RSI on Twitter and LinkedIn

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