Digitization Partnership with Sweet Valley Venture

RSI has partnered with Sweet Valley Venture to help railway suppliers more effectively connect, market, and sell their products directly to their customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business landscape, forcing many companies to adapt or reconsider their traditional sales and marketing approaches. Most notably, this has highlighted the need for many suppliers to embrace digitization and enhance their online presence. To better assist railway suppliers seeking to make those changes, RSI has partnered with Sweet Valley Venture, an ecommerce software consulting company with experience working in the railway supply industry. RSI member companies will now be eligible to receive exclusive discounted pricing from a trusted industry vendor on any digital services they render.

Sweet Valley Venture is a strategic Online Marketplace Merchandising and Marketing business consultant that specializes in working with manufacturers and retailers to enhance operations and connect to customers. The company previously spent several years working with a large locomotive parts manufacturer to develop the company’s comprehensive parts catalog and integrated ecommerce website before its acquisition.

Digital Services

  • Email Campaigns
  • Catalog Development
  • Catalog Hosting
  • Website Development
  • API Connectivity
  • Market Strategies
Case Study of work with locomotive parts manufacturer