Innovation in Rail: The Future of Mobility

Thursday, July 20, 2023

RSI and its members will be hosting a rail supplier technology event on Capitol Hill designed to focus on rail technology, the regulatory environment, and the economic contributions made by the rail supply industry.

The event will provide an opportunity to educate stakeholders with a hands on experience with railroad technology while discussing how industry and government can better facilitate and progress innovation.

Current RSI member companies who will be joining the event to showcase more about the industry include:


2:00 PMRail Supply Briefing in Coordination with RSI and RSSI (2168 Rayburn, Gold Room)
4:00 PMReception for Attending Guests (2165 Rayburn and 2168 Rayburn)
5:00 PMRemarks from Sam Graves (Chair of T&I – invited) and Patty Long (RSI President) – (2165 Rayburn)