RSI Legislative & Regulatory Webinar

The Railway Supply Institute will host a legislative & regulatory webinar on March 30, 2017 at 1pm EDT. The live webinar will provide an analysis of the political landscape facing the rail industry and what it means for the rail and rail supplier industries. This is a RSI member only event and all members with interest in learning more about government related issues are encouraged to join in and participate. Register here.

Summary:The Trump Administration and the 115th Congress will have a legislative agenda focusing on issues directly impacting the railroad and rail supply industry including; tax reform, regulatory reform, infrastructure investment and reinvigorating American manufacturing.    

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Discussion Topics

  • Corporate Tax Reform: A simpler and fairer tax code has the potential to reinvigorate American manufacturing and help with growth and job creation. 

  • State Owned Enterprises: The presence of heavily subsidized state-owned rail firms could undermine competition from private rail supply companies, both US based and foreign.

  • Buy America: The Buy America program was designed to promote U.S. manufacturing and encourage new industry in order to help the domestic economy and create jobs for Americans. The rail supply industry has made the investment and encourages clear rules and enforcement of the program.

  •  Infrastructure Investment: Freight and Passenger railroads must be a central part of infrastructure investment. The federal government should provide adequate financial support levels for Amtrak and commuter railroads.

  • Truck Sizes & Weights: Double 33s will divert 1 to 1.5 million intermodal loads from rail to all-highway routings.  Heavier trucks cause damage and deterioration to taxpayer subsidized roads bridges. 




Webinar Details

Date: Thursday, March 30,2017
Time: 1pm EDT, 10am
Hashtag: #RSIAdvocacy
Registration: Click Here
Contact: Nicole Brewin,

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