RSI Member Spotlight: Union Tank Car Company


UTLX – Celebrating 125 years of tank car industry leadership in 2016.
For 125 years, Union Tank Car Company has been a leader within the community of companies that build, lease, and repair railroad tank cars. Full service leasing to chemical, petroleum, ag, and food shippers is our core business. Personal service is our signature.
UTLX continues to invest in car design, production technology, and in our tank car fleet. We have increased the capability of our North American shops, On-Site® mini-shops, and mobile units to meet qualification deadlines and safety mandates.  UTLX  Link-Net® simplifies business processes and improves information availability.      
We work with our customers to find solutions for shipping challenges. We are THE TANK CAR PEOPLE®, pledged to tank car safety and Responsible Care® and  focused on every facet of the tank car and plastics hopper business – so our customers can concentrate on their business.   

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