Committee on Tank Cars Associate Membership

RSI offers a committee membership option for tank car component suppliers and repair shops. This committee offers the opportunity for tank car suppliers to provide valuable input to the RSI CTC and Technical Subcommittee on tank car component parts standards, data, regulations and safety that could influence federal policy and regulations. Committee members can stay up-to-date on what’s happening at the Department of Transportation and how it could affect their business.
There will also be an opportunity to meet and network with the CTC members, your potential customers who are tank car builders and or lessors.
Committee Activities/Requirements
  • Attend meetings scheduled four times per year: Two phone and two in-person meetings (minimum). Travel costs are the responsibility of your organization.
  • Meetings will be scheduled to generate input and advice before each CTC and Technical Subcommittee meeting.
  • One in person meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the CTC executive committee meeting in Spring each year in Chicago.
  • Associate members will be invited to participate on conference calls and meetings on an ad hoc basis to develop standards and make recommendations on key issues affecting industry.

$2,500 per year in addition to RSI membership
Join or renew now and add this valuable committee membership to your application. If you have already renewed your 2019 RSI membership, use this application to join the Committee on Tank Cars associate membership.
 Committee On Tank Cars

Please contact John Byrne, Vice Chairman, RSI Committee on Tank Cars at (202) 347-4664 or
for more information.