Exhibit with RSI at Railway Interchange 2019

Railway Interchange is the largest combined railway exhibition and technical conference in North America. We look forward to seeing you on September 22-25, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Indoor and outdoor exhibits will be held on September 22 – 24.

Who exhibits with the Railway Supply Institute at Railway Interchange? Railway Interchange exhibitors include a vast array of companies and organizations, both large and small, from all key segments of the rail industry. Nearly 700 exhibitors were on hand at Railway Interchange 2017, the RSI exhibit hall included companies from the following categories:

  • Locomotive and Freight Car Manufacturers
  • Tank Car Manufacturers
  • Mechanical Systems and Component Suppliers
  • Railway Measurement & Maintenance Systems
  • Rolling Stock Leasing Services
  • and many other rail industry services
  • RI17 Exhibitor List (RSI, REMSA, RSSI)

Become an RSI Exhibitor

The first round of Exhibit Space Placement for the Railway Supply Institute (RSI) at Railway Interchange 2019 will be from October 2 – November 16, 2018.  RSI member space applications received during the first round will be placed through the exhibitor priority points system. Typically, over 50% of the exhibit hall is reserved in the first round of placement. Exhibitors will be notified of their space placement in December 2018.

Only RSI member companies will be eligible to reserve space with RSI at RI19 during the first round of placement. Companies who are not members in good standing of the Railway Supply Institute are not eligible for exhibitor priority points. Non-members of RSI will be placed last.
Is this your first time exhibiting? If so, you can join RSI and also receive available placement in the “First Time Exhibitor Pavilion”. If you would like to become a member of RSI, click here to learn more or call us at (202) 347-4664.

Indoor Exhibits
The indoor exhibits at Railway Interchange 2019 will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center on September 22 – 24. Exhibits will be hosted by the RSI, REMSA and RSSI.
Outdoor Track Exhibits
The outdoor track and off-track exhibits at Railway Interchange 2019 will located at BNSF’s Northtown Yard on September 22 – 24. Outdoor exhibits will be hosted by RSI and REMSA. 

Main Event Website

Show Details
September 22-25, 2019
Minneapolis Convention Center
BNSF Northtown Yard
Minneapolis, MN, USA

If you have questions about exhibiting, please contact Amanda Patrick, RSI VP of Trade Shows at (202) 347-4664 or patrick@rsiweb.org.