RSI Member Spotlight: Midland Manufacturing


Midland Manufacturing is America’s leading manufacturer of valves and level-measurement devices for railroad tank cars used to safely transport a wide variety of hazardous, corrosive and non-hazardous commodities. Midland offers the most complete range of high-quality products, service and remanufacturing capabilities.
  • Service: Our Operations and Customer Service Teams are driven to reduce lead times and to ensure prompt, accurate, precise response for your business needs.
  • Engineering & Field Support: Midland's Engineering and Technical Services Teams continuously innovate and create products that are designed to meet new customer requirements. Our on-site experts in materials, mechanical design and manufacturing routinely customize or develop new products specifically for unique applications of individual customers, often in anticipation of new industry requirements.
  • Performance and Reliability: The Midland track record of proven performance and reliability in the most severe environments has raised our level of industry leadership within the rail tank car transportation industry. Midland valves are easy and economical to operate, providing years of reliable service with corresponding low cost of ownership.
  • Safety: Midland products meet – and typically exceed – Association of American Railroads (AAR) regulations. Our active involvement in helping to define industry standards assists us in designing products that protect your workers, your equipment and the environment.
  • Product Range: Midland offers the broadest range of products of any tank-car fitting supplier. The extensive Midland product range means you need to work with only one supplier to evaluate, specify and receive a complete package that will meet your exacting requirements.
Contact us by phone at (847) 677-0333 or email to share your biggest fluid-transfer challenge. Midland's design and engineering teams will proactively work to find a cost-effective solution to your challenges.