DLL Inc.

Founder and President Mr. Laurent Leblanc founded DLL in 1995.
Formerly a distributor, DLL is now specialist in the designing and manufacturing of electronical, electromechanical and mechanical parts such as contractors, relays, switches, voltage regulators, panels, electrical cabinets and more. All parts are manufactured by DLL and are consistent with the OEM standards.
Over the years, DLL has been driven by the aspiration and ambitions of the hardworking men and women who have helped build our success. Today, we are extremely proud to have loyal customers that we serve with passion and competence.
With an emphasis on customer service, our innovative efforts allow us to continue offering quality products at a competitive price and lead time.
To meet our clients ever changing needs, DLL manufactured obsolete and newly engineered replacement parts, utilizing the latest standards of manufacturing methods to provide continued support for custom products and those no longer supported in the market.
For 20 years, DLL has always had your satisfaction at heart.
Our team has acquired and developed the skills to allow you to achieve your goals. Whether it is to recreate, improve or develop parts, we will work hand in hand with you.
Today we continue to put our knowledge and experiences at your service in order to become a leader and a valued partner in the railroad, transit and mining industries.
What makes us different is our flexibility. We know that each of you have unique needs that require suitable products and services, we are there to deliver.
Our strength as a vendor is our ability to work with you, but also with our subcontractors in order to provide the right products at the right price and at the right time.
Our team is the backbone of our success, as they are always willing to go the extra mile and think outside the box. For DLL, this is a pledge of continuous improvement everyday.

We are committed in supporting your needs, helping you with projects and challenges that may arise. We want to become and remain part of your success.
Visit us at www.dllinc.com . You can also follow us on twitter @dll_inc