Member Spotlight: ZTR Control Systems LLC

ZTRSince 1987, ZTR Control Systems LLC, has been a leader in locomotive modernization and remote equipment monitoring services that help railroads gain an additional 15-20 service years out of their locomotives. Through its intelligent starting technologies, control systems, modernization services, and enhanced diagnostic information solutions ZTR helps improve the performance, reliability and efficiency of aging locomotives. Continue on to for more information regarding ZTR Control Systems’ products and services and be sure to visit their website


The ZTR Intelligent Starting Technologies family improves locomotive performance through easier, more reliable starts and increased fuel savings. SmartStart®, the most trusted AESS in the industry, has an ROI of less than 12 months and can save $25,000 of fuel per year, per locomotive. KickStartTM battery assist, uses super capacitor technology providing more reliable starts and extended battery life.

ZTRZTR also offers flexible options for locomotive modernization. From the Locomotive ELC-PEO to the BOATM products, there are many cost effective options to improve locomotive reliability and tractive effort. The best investment value and greatest improvements in locomotive performance is found with NEXSYSTM III-i. This microprocessor-based system features a reliable compact design, adhesion improvement, advanced control options, and integrated AESS technology that will significantly extend the life of a locomotive.

Additionally, ZTR offers added services in expert consulting, project management, diagnostic reporting, information management, intelligent schematic upgrades, training, and technical support to provide locomotive modernization that is effortless from end-to-end. With thousands of installations worldwide and advanced support services, the ZTR innovative solutions improve the efficiency and performance of customers’ equipment to greatly enhance aging fleets and usher them into a new era of modern performance.

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