Member Spotlight: TMV Control Systems

TMV Control SystemsBuilding on 18 years of previous experience designing locomotive control systems for one of the best known companies in the industry, in 2005 Derick Vander Klippe, started TMV Control Systems Inc. Based on his experience developing several other locomotive systems, Derick developed the first product for TMV, the Traction Engine Control Unit (TECU). The TECU has since become our signature product.

When customers purchase the TECU, they also receive the TECU-PC software, an integral part of the overall TECU package. The software allows real time downloads and diagnosis from the TECU, saving mechanical staff and our technicians an enormous amount of time in identifying problems on locomotives.

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The TECU, our signature product, continues to provide significant additional tractive effort over older OEM products. In addition, the improved information available through the TECU diagnostic screen and TECU-PC software reduces maintenance time. This allows our customers to keep their locomotives on the job, reducing hassles and increasing productivity.

As a company, TMV maintains a focus on quality, service, and support that many larger companies have neglected to preserve. We attempt to respond to every email and phone call in a timely fashion, listening carefully to the concerns of our customers.

The last five years have been very eventful for TMV. We bought out our partner and are now independently owned. We have enjoyed rapid growth. We have moved into a significantly larger facility and grown from 3 employees to over 15. In September 2014 our quality management system received ISO 9001:2008 certification.

This year continues to be busy. In early 2015 we shipped out our 200th TECU. This spring we celebrated our 10th anniversary and we announced the opening of our US Field Office in Pennsylvania. We will continue to serve the rail industry with products that are known for performance and reliability.  We also plan to continue with our quality product, excellent service, and our focus on the needs of our customers.

TMV staff photoWe are thankful to our many customers for their ongoing support. They include Class 1 railroads, locomotive leasing companies, locomotive builders, rail maintenance companies, and numerous short lines. Our products are in operation on locomotives and other rail vehicles across the continent.

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