Member Spotlight: International Decal Management Corporation (IDMC)

IDMCInternational Decal Management Corporation (IDMC) was formed in 2004 by Tracy DeLeon, a twenty plus year veteran of the rail industry. Through a progression of administrative, contract negotiations, car movement and operations, Tracy has managed thousands of rail cars and rail restenciling projects.

IDMC provides quality vinyl decals to the transportation industry throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, and is headquartered in Rogers, AR. Their goal is to increase awareness of Railroad safety and to provide the industry with high quality vinyl decals, and reflective safety decals. By offering quality, industry approved materials, at a reasonable cost, IDMC hopes to be your single-source supplier of vinyl decals.

Service Summary:

  • Reporting Marks
  • Conspicuity
  • New Car Sets
  • Full Repaint Decals
  • Tank Car Qualification
  • Brake Decals
  • Logo Decals
  • Chemtrec Decals
  • Decal Restencil Management
  • Rail Consulting
  • UMLER Management

For more information visit or contact Tracy DeLeon at

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