RSI ARCI E and D Subcommitte to hold meeting in August at Colorado Springs

August 1, 2014. -- In the mid-1990s the American Railway Car Institute (ARCI) and one of the Railway Supply Institute’s predecessor organizations, the Railway Progress Institute (RPI) combined and ARCI became a committee of the RPI. The RSI ARCI Committee is one of RSI’s most active, most visible and most important industry committees. The committee collects and disseminates new freight car order and delivery statistics by car type. That data is used by the new freight car building industry and component suppliers, as well as, by industry analysts and the federal government to gauge the health of the industry as well as the broader health of the nation’s economy.

The ARCI Engineering and Design (E&D) Subcommittee has a broad range of dockets covering issues as diverse as freight car reflectorization, ECP brakes, and our industry’s relationship with our freight railroad customers. The subcommittee meets regularly via teleconference and face-to-face twice a year with the Association of American Railroad’s Equipment Engineering Committee (EEC). During those meetings with the EEC, it also hosts that committee at a social event. Also, with the Transportation Technology Test Center, the subcommittee funds research on freight car fatigue issues that ultimately leads to design standards for stronger freight cars.

There is a yearly fee of $2,000 to participate in ARCI E&D Subcommittee activities which includes the quarterly statistics and access to the subcommittee meets and events.

The ARCI E&D Subcommittee  will meet in Colorado Springs, Colorado on August 18-19, 2014. If you are interested in participating in those meetings, contact RSI President Tom Simpson at or via phone at 202-347-4664.