RSI/CMA + Canadian Rail Summit Overview

RSI/CMA 2014 + CRS in Montréal, QC concluded Tuesday, September 23 and was by all accounts, a success. The exhibit hall opened on Sunday, September 21 with an opening reception.  On Monday the day started off with keynote speaker, CN’s President & CEO Claude Mongeau, speaking before hundreds of attendees, followed by a day scheduled full of technical and educational sessions put on by the Coordinated Mechanical Associations and the Railway Association of Canada,  and an exhibit hall that seemed to be crowded from the moment it opened. Tuesday the conference concluded at 11 a.m. and over 120 conference attendees participated in the first ever CARS/RSI Golf Tourment at the Beaconsfield Golf Club.

In all,  the conference featured dozens of technical and education sessions, 130 exhibits and over 1,300 railway industry professionals attended the conference.  More detailed information will be available in next weeks newsletter.