Railway Supply Institute Announces 2014-2015 Scholarship Recipients $32,000 in Scholarships Awarded to Children of RSI/CMA Member Company Employees

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Railway Supply Institute Announces 2014-2015 Scholarship Recipients
$32,000 in Scholarships Awarded to Children of RSI/CMA Member Company Employees
WASHINGTON, D.C., July xx, 2014 - Tom Simpson, President of the Railway Supply Institute (RSI), today announced that the RSI Scholarship Committee has selected seven students to receive scholarships for the 2014/2015 academic year. Five students will receive $5,000 and two students will receive $3,500 in scholarship funds.__ of this year’s scholarships are sponsored by the Mechanical Association Railcar Technical Services (MARTS).
The scholarship recipients, their colleges, field of study and company affiliations are:
  • Laura Berg, Minnesota State University, anthropology, linguistics minor, Loram Maintenance of Way;
  • Karen Barajas, Universidad Autonoma, law, The Greenbrier Companies;
  • Emily Chudzik, Gilbertsville, Milliken University, English/writing, Wabtec Corporation;
  • Alex Crowe, Indiana University, finance and economic consulting, Sims Professional Engineers;
  • David Muolo, Metropolitan Community College, BSBA in computer information systems, The Greenbrier Companies;
  • Alexander Sprenger, University of Minnesota, finance and international business, Wabtec Corporation;
  • Melanie Standish, Illinois Institute of Technology, psychology, Electro-Motive Diesel.
“Each year the RSI Scholarship Committee awards a minimum of four scholarships to children of members of RSI or our affiliates, the Coordinated Mechanical Associations,” said Simpson.  “This year we had more than 60 applicants, a new record. Thanks to donations from MARTS and other RSI member contributions, we are proud to offer scholarships to these seven outstanding students to help them defray the cost of their education.”
More than 100 students have received an RSI Scholarship since the program began in 1989, pursuing degrees in a variety of fields including engineering, business, nursing, teaching, and transportation. Applicants must be the child or dependent of a current employee whose company is a member of the Railway Supply Institute or one of the Coordinated Mechanical Associations (CMA). The CMA include the Air Brake Association, Inc. (ABA), the International Association of Railway Operating Officers (IAROO), the Mechanical Association Railcar Technical Services (MARTS), and Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association (LMOA). More information about RSI’s scholarship program, including how RSI members can contribute, is available
at http://rsiweb.org/rsi-scholarship/.
About The Railway Supply Institute (RSI)

The Railway Supply Institute (RSI) is the international trade association for the rail supply industry, representing the nation’s leading companies involved in the manufacture of products and services in the freight car, tank car, locomotive, maintenance-of-way, communications and signaling, and passenger rail industries. America’s railway suppliers represent a $23 billion/year industry supporting 90,000 American workers. For more information visit RSI’s website, www.rsiweb.org, or call 202-347-4664.