Railroad Day on Capitol Hill Key Issues

June 3, 2015 – Washington DC – Ahead of Tomorrow’s Railroad Day On Capitol Hill, here are 4 key issues affecting railway suppliers and railroads:

  1. Truck Size and Weight – Not only do bigger/heavier trucks move business and utilization away from the railroads, they also create a safety risk for the motorists they share the highways with along with further deteriorating highways at the cost to taxpayers.  For more information on the hazards of bigger/heavier trucks visit www.cabt.org.
  2. Short Line Railroad Tax Credits – Short line railroads are necessary to connect more than 10,000 rail customers to the national rail network.  Unlike America’s highways, railroads are privately owned and thus are privately maintained.  Additional funds and tax credits such as H.R. 721 and S. 637 would go a long way in assisting regional and short line railroads make necessary improvements to ensure safe, reliable and competitive services. For more information on Short Line Railroad Tax Credits visit: www.aslrra.org.
  3. Preserve Balanced Regulation/Antitrust – The success of the U.S. freight rail industry is a direct result of sound regulatory policy that reasonably balances the needs of rail operators, shippers and the consumer.  Since the Staggers Act of 1980, the rail industry has redoubled its efforts toward operating an efficient network, reinvesting more than $525 billion back into their infrastructure. For more information regarding balanced regulation visit: rsiweb.org/advocacy
  4. Dedicated Funding for Intercity Passenger Rail – Passenger rail remains extremely underfunded and maximum possible funding should be allocated for the following accounts for FY 2016:
    • Amtrak Captial and Operating Support
    • Capital Assistance to the States for National High Performance Passenger Rail Service
    • TIGER Grants to enable States and local governments to invest in innovative muli-modal and multi-jurisdictional projects