2018 RSI Membership Dues

RSI membership dues are based on the member global sales revenue. The membership category is selected by the member company based on gross sales to rail transportation or to other suppliers for rail transportation use during the immediate preceding calendar year (ex. if your rail sales/service revenue in 2017 was/will be est. $15 million, you belong to class II-A and pay $6,500.00 in dues for 2018). 

Important: A member company’s wholly owned divisions or subsidiaries may be included under the principal company’s membership providing that the individual wholly owned divisions or subsidiaries total gross rail sales/service revenue is considered when figuring 2018 RSI dues. RSI dues are not prorated, unless otherwise stated, and last one calendar year (January – December).
Class Gross Global Rail-related Sales in 2017 RSI Dues
II-C $0 to - $4.9 million $1,500
II-B $5 million to $10.9 million $3,000
II-A $11 million to $49.9 million $6,500
I-C $50 million to $99.9 million $12,500
I-B $100 million to $349.9 million $18,500
I-A $350 million + $25,500
B Banks, Law Firms, Industry Publications $1,500

Additional Membership Options: 

American Rail Car Institute Committee (ARCI) Affiliate Membership: $2,000

ARCI Affiliate members receive quarterly freight car statistics and have an opportunity to be on the Engineering & Design Subcommittee.The cost of being an Affiliate Member of the ARCI is $2,000 a year plus the cost of membership with the Railway Supply Institute. The cost of the ARCI is well worth the value as the RSI ARCI is the only organization that tabulates and publishes freight car statistics and works with the Class 1 railroads in the development of freight cars. The ARCI does not charge members to attend meetings or for meal functions, it is an all inclusive amount.  

ARCI Affiliate Membership Application

For more information on the American Rail Car Institute Committee (ARCI) click here